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Winning Token of
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Special Swagbags for
Runner Ups

100 Professionals get a chance to
participate in person at a Microsoft Office

About Hackathon

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If you are a skilled developer who thrives on challenges and can build innovative solutions to make a real difference by using the power of GitHub Copilot, then this hackathon is for you.

With five categories to choose from you can pick one based on your interest and expertise. You can register as an individual or as a team. The chosen winners of each category will be awarded a cash prize of 100,000/-INR* each and also get a chance to meet Microsoft leadership.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and make history at the “Fastest Coder Hackathon”!

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Hack Details

Build innovative solutions for real-world challenges faced by industries like fintech,
e-commerce, retail, and more, using GitHub Copilot.

Event Type

Virtual and In-person*

Date and Time

24th June 2023
9.30 AM to 6.00 PM


Register as an individual or as a team for the hackathon, sign up for GitHub Copilot and get the 100 USD* trial version at no cost.

In-person Venues

*Only for professionals with prior confirmation on a first come basis.

All in-person hackathon participants are required to strictly adhere to Microsoft's guidelines and regulations.

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Rewards & Recognition

Take your first step towards winning. Register for the Fastest Coder Hackathon

In each of the 5 categories, there will be 1 chosen winner (an individual or a team) who will receive a winning token of

100,000/- INR*

1 runner up (an individual or a team)
from each of the 5 categories
will get a Microsoft



Charting the Hackathon: A Timeline of Key Events and Milestones

Judging Criteria

Your code will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Clean and organized code
  • Easy-to-understand code
  • No bugs or errors
  • Effective use of GitHub Copilot
  • The solution must be stable, reliable, and
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Meet the Jury Members

Our esteemed international jury brings their diverse perspectives, vast experience,
and mastery at guiding businesses to success.

Karan M V

Senior Manager,
International Developer

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Bhargav Meka

Senior Specialist
Azure Digital & App Innovation

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Sumit Kute

Senior Specialist
Digital & App Innovation

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Himani Agrawal

Azure Business Group Lead,
Microsoft India

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Manish Kumar Jain

Partner GEM,
Microsoft India

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Gandhali Samant

Director, Customer Success-Digital and App Innovation

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Dahnesh Dilkhush

Chief Technology Officer - Microsoft Azure, India

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Bikramjit Debnath

Director & Head - Digital & App Innovation portfolio, Microsoft India

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How to Prepare?

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Chat GPT

Unlock the power of language with Chat GPT - the ultimate AI powered conversationalist.

GitHub Copilot

Code Smarter, not harder. Learn how GitHub Copilot can accelerate your development power like never before.

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Frequently asked questions

Got more questions? Here's a list of helpful responses to some
of the most likely asked questions

If you are a working professional, start-up based, freelancer or research scholar, you are eligible to participate in this Hackathon.
You can simply participate online. Only the first 100 corporate professionals will be eligible to participate Live at Microsoft office.
If you are attending the live Hackathon at one of the Microsoft offices, you need to carry your work ID proof, your own laptops, laptop chargers, mobile phone chargers and other equipment you may need during the course of the Hackathon.
The hackathon will last 4-5 hours.
No. There are no fees to participate in the Hackathon.

All submissions are online.
The entire idea need not be fully implemented. However, the submission should be functional and submitted with proof of concepts/prototypes so that it can be reviewed by the judges.
You are expected to develop your solution on your local system and submit it online to Microsoft in a tar/zip format, along with instructions to run the application and source code.
Yes. One has to be online. Speed and quality are the main judging factors for the winning idea.
It is only good to have. Not mandatory. In case you are one of the winners, you may be invited to demo your application at a live event, details of which will be shared prior to the event.
Yes, all team members can log in from their accounts and submit entries online.
You will have all rights and own the IP of your product or solution. However, all code needs to be in the public domain (open source) so that it can be evaluated by the judges.
Maximum number of 4 individuals can register and participate as a team. All team members registered must be working professionals.
Yes. You can register as a professional individual developer.
Each team registered will be counted as one entrant and all members of the team will be eligible to participate in-person.
Each person in the team can use the sign up details to access the GitHub credits. The GitHub Copilot credits are non-transferable.
The registered team will be counted as one entrant and whether the team has two members or four members the cash prize will be a consolidated amount of 100,000/-INR* offered to the team to be then shared amongst the team equally.
Yes. Swag bags will be given to all runner-ups whether as it is an individual or a team.